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JULY 2023

  • Our work on "Optically Transparent and Mechanically Robust Ionic Hydrogel Electrodes for Bright Electroluminescent Devices Achieving High Stretchability over 1400%" was highlighted in "Highly stretchable light-emitting devices" of Nature Photonics. [link]

  • Eunji Jeong joined the group as an intern

APRIL 2023

  • Shakti Singh joined the group as Post Doc

  • Prisca Putri Elesta and Minh Chien Tran won Poster Encouragement Award at Polymer Society of Korea 2023 Spring Meeting

MARCH 2023

Jeongbin Park started her M.S course


Jeongbin Park joined the group as an intern


Kiyoung Yoo and Yeonjong Go successfully defended their M.S thesis


Minh Chien Tran started his PhD course

JULY 2022

Jugyeong Kim started her M.Ed course

JUNE 2022

Gea Fitria successfully defended her M.S thesis

MAY 2022

  • Kiyoung Yoo and Yeonjong Go won PNU-Fellowship award

  • Jinhwan Yoon was interviewed for ETNews [link]

APRIL 2022

Gea Fitria won Oral Presentation Awards (English Section) at The Polymer Society of Korea 2022 Spring Meeting

MARCH 2022

  • Our lab is awarded Excellence in Laboratory Safety Awards by Pusan National University

  • Arti Singh started her M.S/PhD course and Yijie Zhu and Bokyeong Kang started their M.S course


Woojin Jin received Academic Award from Graduate school of Education, Pusan National University


  • Bokyeoung Kang joined the group as an intern

  • Bogyeong Kim successfully defended her M.S thesis

  • Jinhwan Yoon is awarded the 2021 Busan Regional R&D Best Performance (Busan Mayor Award) by Busan Metropolitan City (2021 지역연구개발 최우수성과, 부산광역시장 표창) 

  • Jinhwan Yoon is awarded the 2021 Basic Research Promotion Commendation by the Minister of Science, Technology, and Information (2021 기초연구진흥 유공 과학기술정보통신부 장관 표창)


Nabilah Anindita Febriola started her M.S/PhD course

JUNE 2021

Woojin Jin succesfully defended her M.Ed thesis

MAY 2021

  • Our work on "Super Stretchable and Durable Electroluminescent Devices based on Double Network Ionogels" was mentioned on several news sites 1.[link] 2.[link] 3.[link] 4.[link]

  • Bogyeong Kim won PNU-Fellowship award

MARCH 2021

Yeon Jong Go and Ki Young Yoo started their M.S course

FEB 2021

Kusuma Betha Cahaya Imani won BK21 Best Paper Award

JAN 2021

Ki Young Yoo joined the group as an intern

DEC 2020

Xuan Hiep Dinh and Nhi Tuyet Lam succesfully defended their M.S thesis

OCT 2020

Kusuma Betha Cahaya Imani received Outstanding Paper Presentation Awards (oral) at The Polymer Society of Korea 2020 Fall Meeting

SEP 2020

Gea Fitria started her M.S course

JULY 2020

Undergraduate Yeonjeong Go joined the group as a summer intern

JUNE 2020

Seulye Kim succesfully defended her M.Ed thesis

MARCH 2020

Beogyeong Kim and Prisca Putri Elesta started their M.S course

OCT 2019

Seulye Kim won poster award at 2019 Pusan-Gyeongnam/Kyushu-Seibu Joint Symposium on High Polymers and Fibers

JUL 2019

Undergraduate Bogyeong Kim joined the group

JUL 2019

Woojin Jin started her M.Ed course

JUNE 2019

Bernard Timothy, Meejeong Kwon, and Jihyun Kim successfully defended their M.S and M.Ed thesis

JUNE 2019

Dowan Kim successfully defended his PhD thesis

MARCH 2019

Xuan Hiep Dinh and Nhi Tuyet Lam started their M.S course

FEB 2019

Santosh Kumar Reddy Parumala joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow

JUL 2018  

 Seulye Kim started her M.Ed course.

JUN 2018 

 Jinhwan Yoon is awarded the 'PNG2018 Young Investigator Award' sponsored by Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. at 24th POLYMER NETWORKS GROUP MEETING held in Prague, Czech Republic

MARCH 2018 

Rita Das Mahapatra joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow

JAN 2018 

Ara Jo visited the lab for co-work in her Ph. D course.

SEP 2017

Kusuma Betha Cahaya Imani started her M.S course.

AUG 2017

Meejeong Kwon and Jihyun Kim started their M.Ed course.

AUG 2017

Jinhwan Yoon started his new position as an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry Education, Graduate Department of Chemical Materials, Pusan National University.

AUG 2017

Eunsu Lee successfully defended his Ph. D thesis.

JUL  2017

Undergraduate Sohee Kim joined the group.

FEB 2017 

Bernard Timothy started his M.S course.

DEC 2016

Undergraduate Dajeong Choi joined the group.

MAR 2016

Dongwan Kim and Kyounggeun Cho started their M.S. courses.

DEC 2015

Haneul Kim successfully defended her M.S thesis.

DEC 2015

 Undergraduate Taeju Shin and GiHyun Ko joined the group.

DEC 2015

Haneul Kim won the Best grade of Busan Graduated Student Award.

NOV 2015

Undergraduate Kyounggeun Cho joined the group.

JUN 2015

Jinhwan Yoon is appointed as an editorial board member in Scientific Reports.

JUN 2015

Dowan Kim successfully defended his M.S thesis.

JUN 2015

Undergraduate Dong Hun Kang joined the group as a summer intern.

MAR 2014

Undergraduate Dong Cheol Park joined the group.

DEC 2014

Dowan Kim won the Best grade of Busan Graduated Student Award.

DEC 2014

Daeun Lim and Seulgi Baek successfully defended their M.S theses.

OCT 2014

Undergraduate Sungmin Park joined the group.

MAR 2014

Undergraduate Dongwan Kim joined the group.

MAR 2014

 Haneul Kim started her M.S. course.

DEC 2013

Hyunjin Lee successfully defended her M.S thesis.

SEP 2013

Undergraduate Ha Neul Kim joined the group.

SEP 2013

Dowan Kim started his M.S course.

JAN 2013

Daeun Im joined the group as a master course student.

DEC 2012

Eunsu Lee joined the group as a Ph.D. course student.

JUN 2012 

Undergraduate Dowan Kim and Hoon Ji (Summer student) joined the group.

JUN 2012

Jinhwan's work regarding light-responsive pattern is published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. [link]

MAY 2012

Jinhwan Yoon is selected as recipient of research fund for Fostering Human Resources for Local Innovation by NRF.

MAR 2012

Undergraduates Seulgi Baek joined the group.

MAR 2012

 Hyunjin Lee started her M.S course.

FEB 2012

Inverted Microscope (Leica DMI 3000B)  has been installed. photo

NOV 2011 

 Additional lab space is set up.

JUN 2011

Undergraduates Hyun Jeong Kim and Hyunjin Lee join the group.

MAY 2011

Jinhwan Yoon receives NRF (National Research Foundation) Young Researcher Fund.

MAR 2011

Undergraduates Soyoun Moon and Jae Choul Yu join the group.

FEB 2011 

Jinhwan Yoon start for his new position as an assistant professor of the department of chemistry, Dong-A University.

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